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CoinCrowd Brings Token Creator Technology To The Tokedo Ecosystem

CoinCrowd is the inventor of the “Token Creator” - a powerful tool enabling a more accessible tokenized economy - and is now bringing this technology to Tokedo’s ecosystem. Read the full press release here.

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CoinCrowd brings its DAICO protocol to TokedoThe protocol provides an automatic smart contract generator and a milestone control system to promote fairer token sales and focus on worthy projects. Read the full press release here.

CoinCrowd tokens


CoinCrowd tokens (XCC) should be swapped for Tokedo tokens (TKD). The conversion rate is 1:1, and you can further verify the value of the Tokedo tokens on

With the Tokedo tokens, users can benefit from all the services provided by the Tokedo ecosystem. Being a TKD holder comes with many exciting perks! Check out the Tokedo whitepaper for a detailed introduction on the project and to find out all the benefits that come with holding TKD tokens.

To swap the tokens, please visit the swap page, and login using your CoinCrowd Whitelist credentials. If you don’t have a CoinCrowd Whitelist account, you can register with your preferred social media account.

For help with the swap, read the guide. If you require any further assistance
CoinCrowd Wallet


The CoinCrowd Wallet completes the user experience by providing a single tool to manage all the different phases of token sale participation and cryptocurrency management: from buying Ether with fiat currency to finalizing KYC processes, from joining token sales to trading, all thanks to the integrated, decentralized exchange.

It supports multiple accounts, and is compatible with ENS defined resolutions for Ethereum addresses. It also prevents to execute possible failing transactions, saving extra expenses. The wallet is the best option in security, with a combination of biometric ID and user pin access, with users being the sole owners of their private keys.

Implementation of DAPPS and Smart Contracts We implement customized smart contracts and DAPPS on Ethereum, as well as tokens and token sale contracts, with different complexity tiers, timed discounts and bonuses.
Smart Contract Audits We run a security audit on smart contracts realized by third parties. We provide reports with advice to better the code and solve eventual security issues.
Cryptocurrency Wallet White-Label We can also integrate customizable content into our wallet for those projects that intend to buy the white-label license for the app.

Our wallet offers the following features: Supports ETH and all ERC20 tokens Token auto-detection ENS Resolver QR Code scan to send transactions Deep linking: send a transaction by clicking on a link Multi-account Automatic fee evaluation Prevention of transactions with negative outcome (saving fees) Import and export of seed phrases in different languages, custom derivation path and private key access Access is secured with pin code and/or biometric id as provided by the user’s device (fingerprint, face recognition)
Cross Blockchain Token Migration We provide the technological infrastructure required to transfer a token from a generic blockchain (eg: Omny Layer) to the Ethereum blockchain, making the token compliant with the ERC20 standard.