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CoinCrowd is a blockchain-based ecosystem. A perfectly safe storage for your coins, a decentralized exchange, and a protocol for DAICO token sales.

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Coincrowd Wallet
Coincrowd Wallet

The CoinCrowd wallet is a multi-faceted tool that allows you to safely store your Ether and all your tokens, trading them with ease.

It supports multiple accounts, and is compatible with ENS defined resolutions for Ethereum addresses. It also prevents to execute possible failing transactions, saving extra expenses.

The wallet is the best option in security, with a combination of biometric ID and user pin access. Users are the only owners of their private keys.

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Secure storage of all your
coins with just one seed
Instant Autodetection Of
All ERC20 Tokens
Quick and Easy Access
To All Token Sales


The CoinCrowd exchange is a wallet-integrated, decentralized exchange. Users are able to buy Ether with fiat currency and finalize KYC processes without having to leave the wallet app.

It allows you to trade Ether and all ERC20 tokens - and possibly other crypto in the future - within the CoinCrowd wallet app on your mobile, with an improved safety for the user.

By decentralizing the most critical aspects of today’s exchanges, we ensure that funds are always under the user’s direct control.


DAICO Platform

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Decentralized Platform

CoinCrowd is a community-driven project accelerator, a decentralized platform that allows the most valuable projects to collect ether. In order to protect the participants, the ether is released progressively and only at the achievement of defined targets on the roadmap.

Token Holder Benefits

By voting on the proposed projects, XCC holders will receive airdrops. Consequently, 5% of the tokens of all token sales will be distributed, in proportion to the XCC held, to all the users.
XCC holders will be granted early, exclusive access to all token sales on the platform.
Exchange commission is 0.2%. The fee is used for token burning.

Token Sale

It will soon be possible to join CoinCrowd’s token sale. Subscribe to our newsletter for whitelisting dates.


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March 2018
White Paper: Release of our white paper with all the technical specifications of the project.
April 2018
Whitelist: The registration to the whitelist opens. By signing up, users are able to take part in the token sale and receive exclusive airdrops.
May 2018
ETH-For-Fiat Feature: The new feature will allow users to buy Ether with Fiat currency within the CoinCrowd wallet.
June 2018
Token Sale: The token sale begins. Only registered users can participate.
July 2018
Desktop Wallet: Release of the CoinCrowd Wallet app for desktop.
September 2018
Wallet-Integrated DEX: Release of the beta version of our decentralized exchange. The exchange is integrated in the wallet.
November 2018
Beta Of The Platform: Release of the beta version of our DAICO platform.
February 2019
DAICO Protocol: Release of the protocol that allows users to create DAICO platforms.